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Beyond Buzzwords addresses the ignorance and confusion surrounding professional Digital Marketing by taking a position on structured education in Internet Marketing, as well as the more dangerous parts of the web you won't hear from other thought leaders. Having been BOTH self-taught and formally educated in Internet Marketing, the authors have unique points of view few can lay claim to. They boldly lay their experiences bare for your benefit in this truly buzzworthy book.

Reach + Apocalypse

Mobile + Armageddon

Odds are if you're not a pro you haven't the foggiest idea what these rather ominous word mashups mean... but you should! They both have a direct effect on your visibility, and thus your ability to market online.

Marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the preceding 50, but a lot of marketer’s mindsets are stuck in an episode of Mad Men. It's waaay past time for your wake up call.

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Lorrie Thomas Ross

Whether she’s called The Marketing Therapist® or Wild Web Woman®, when you break down her work as an advisor, speaker, trainer and agency lead, the core distinction is using online tools strategically to make meaningful relationships. As a she-geek with super relationship savvy, her craft brings the heart of marketing to organizations who are "in it to win it".

Michael King

While many associate the name Michael King with SEO, his career and contributions to the digital marketing industry at large are far greater. As the founder of iPullRank in New York City, Mr. King (aka @iPullRank on Twitter) leads team covering consumer insights, content & social strategy, SEO and marketing automation. In the past he's worked at mid-tier search firms Enterprise, and lead brands such as SAP, HSBC, SanDisk and Wharton among others to digital success.

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

A former college professor, Kerry develops training programs for MarketingProfs, and has addressed audiences at industry conferences including the B2B Marketing Forum, the Social Brand Forum, Vocus Demand Success, and FLBlogCon. She has also spoken at specialty conferences including Bloggy Boot Camp and the Type-A Parent Conference, and frequently conducts private workshops for clients.

Brett Burky

From former SEO blackhat to College level SEO/PPC instructor, and now Master of Business Intelligence; this 10+ year Digital Marketing veteran's insights are nothing short of mind blowing! A musician by birth and a curious mind by conditioning, Brett has been challenging the way things are done since he was getting suspended from High School. Both candid and sincere, this Radically Ambitious entrepreneur pulls no punches and will inspire you.

Michael J. Becker

Michael Becker is passionate international marketing entrepreneur and evangelist.  Michael worked with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) including ten years as a North American board member. Prior to the MMA, he co-founded iLoop Mobile, which was later branded Archer and now part of Waterfall, an award winning global mobile messaging solution provider. Michael advises marketers, agencies, and technology vendors on marketing, positioning and strategy as it relates to their overall mobile and digital marketing efforts.  He advises a number of organizations, including Assurant Solutions, Shopper Army, Marketing EDGE, FunMobility, and Privowny. He is a professor of mobile marketing at National University.

About the Authors

Michelle A Bassett

Michelle A. Bassett is a born entrepreneur and a highly skilled Internet Marketer. She uses her unmatched analytical and deductive reasoning skills to creatively craft campaigns around her clients needs. Ms. Bassett has an extensive background in SEO, PPC, Funnel Creation and Social Media Marketing. This experience has afforded her a track record of highly successful marketing campaigns. Starting from humble beginnings, Ms. Bassett stays community conscious. Despite her early environment, she made the commitment to take her education to never before seen heights. With a bachelors degree in Behavior Analysis and a Master Degree in Internet Marketing, not only did she become the first person in her family to graduate from college, but she has become an unstoppable force in the Internet Marketing community.

Temitayo A. Osinubi

Mr. Osinubi holds the distinction of graduating Salutatorian from Full Sail University's Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science (IMBS) program. Through coursework he's developed a strong understanding of all things Digital Marketing with an emphasis on mobile marketing. He also has experience in managing interactive, digital and mobile programs of various complexities.

A dynamic speaker, Mr. Osinubi’s presentation style captivates an audience while delivering actionable insights. He strikes a delicate balance between candor and humor that is engaging and hard to beat. Mr. Osinubi brings the trained eye and mindset of an investor to Internet Marketing, making his uniquely suited to both spot and leverage Digital Marketing opportunities. Mr. Osinubi is a consummate professional with a track record of success.


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Education Built on Sand

You needn't hack a frankein-education together!

The fact Digital Marketing changes so frequently should never be a reason to choose the School of Hard-Knocks over structured education. There will always be gaps in your knowledge, education built on sand.

You used to be able to send out postcards to high school students as an engagement tactic; good luck with that now! However, it’s not all about social media or mobile either. There's a lot of moving parts, it's a fairly complex industry and is getting more complex by the day.

Allow us to share our unique experiences and viewpoint with you. We've graduated from both the School of Hard Knocks and an accredited University. We can save you a lot of heart ache and start your Digital Marketing off right.

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